Gordon Tittsworth:

Matt "Redzy" Smith:
Lead Guitar

Eric "Space" Dengler:


Sean Padelsky:
Lead Guitar

Eric Steven:
Bass Gutar


Maiden America is comprised of 5 seasoned musicians (and life-long Iron Maiden fans) coming together, presenting an amazing tribute to one of the most phenomenal metal acts of all time. Located in South-Central, Pennsylvania, Maiden America plays premier venues all across the east coast and takes pride in being one of the more authentic Iron Maiden tributes around. Founded by guitarist Sean Padelski and (then bassist) Jon Pyle in 2017, the goal was to recruit the best musicians in the region to pay tribute to the best hard rock/heavy metal band in the world.

After sifting through multiple band members, the "final" lineup was finally completed in Q1-2021 and consists of the following:

Gordon Tittsworth is the founder, vocalist, songwriter of national touring band, IMAGES OF EDEN who just released their 5th album, Angel Born" on Pavement Entertainment in Q1, 2021. Gordon has also played in a previous Iron Maiden Tribute called "Seventh Son".

Matt "Redzy" Smith has been playing guitar for 36 yrs and was a student of world renowned, Greg Howe. He has played in an Ozzy Osbourne tribute for 10 yrs as well as many other acts.

Eric "Space" Dengler has approx. 40 years live experience and is one of the most well-known musicians and veterans of the South-Central, PA scene. He has been in many bands over the years (cover/ original), one of which being another Iron Maiden tribute called Made In Iron and also currently plays with a Pantera tribute called PENNTERA.

Sean Padelski is a long-time veteran of the scene, most noted for his previous band, Angels 'N' Saints, covering 80s rock and metal. Sean also has several side projects as well.

Eric Steven is a long-time veteran bassist in the scene and also played with Space in Made In Iron (Iron Maiden tribute).